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he liked to see us busy by supporting our children and Louise plays with her tits. I remember it was the best activity of the group we have ever had, but it was much better before the end of the night ! when the blonde girlsex got up again Louise was sitting in front of her and buried her tongue in the girl pussy, she said, " She had never done before," I really surprised that I did not like the new taste of her own pussy , the blonde had responded apparently on the handle. Then, unfortunately, the lights and girlsex curtains were back. We left the dance floor and joined the cLink, who had to play with a sofa bed in the bar after feeling her breasts, fingers her pussy, seeing her cock sucking, eating my wife to the core, in turn, we finally we come to be eaten, were Val and Don Nottingham. It turned out that Val was the girlsex driving force behind his visit to the club and that this was his second visit was to explore her bi side and pussy Val Louise was his first opportunity. We also note that we have the same limits and rules on our swing, ie no more than oral, was not final. After talking for half an hour, has gone outside, which is a long room with a small TV playing porn video was sofas along the walls and a harness hanging from the ceiling in a corner, this was something we had last seen and decided I wanted to girlsex try to visit. Val and Don sat on a couch and tried to find girlsex a way to get Louise into the harness, luckily there were a couple on the bed closest to the chair, the typenaked, and came to give us a hand always, Louise could not in the eyes of his tail, standing not in fact, was about seven inches long. girlsex After Louise was comfortable and I squatted down in front of her and began to eat her pussy, she stays out of your shaving hill, cut nice and short. She has great big lips and I love having them in your mouth and suck on something while flicking my tongue. After eating for a while I stood before her and saw Val and Don, who had a good view I slowly slid my cock into her pussy. Luisa called her to join us, who have quickly, with Val on one side and Don play the other side with her ​​tits fucked my wife and I saw her play with her tits Val and Don Hahn. After a while Louise fell from the chair, Val said she was. Val get in quickly and gave Don 's dick sucking, Louise knelt on all fours between his legs and began to Val exploring pussy as I slowly took her from behind. The couple on the couch, leaned back and enjoy the show ! Louise crawled under the tape, so I could play with her ​​pussy Val, I have a good look came to her for the first time was in the same style as Louise is shaved and was so wet, but none his lips were so big clitoris is as big as Louise knew. When switching between the legs fingering her pussy Val and fucks my wife, who was kneeling at her I saw Don and Val realized that I suck his cock knelt, had moved a little and was playing with her tits including Val Louise had a cock in the mouth, this finding almost out of me because girlsex I look at my wife 's chest love cock. I lowered my head and ate Val pussy and pushed my tongue deep into her pussy lips and shook sucks her clit with my tongue, Val was the first time, but not the last. We are in this position for a while and then fucked Don said he had to fuck his wife, Val, we have turned around and watched as he pushed his cock into her pussy. Louise was Val flashing her clitoris with his right hand and massaged his chest with his left, was playing with the other and push Louise in the ass. Val grabbed my girlsex cock and put it in her mouth, she licked the shaft up and down makes me girlsex shiver with anticipation and then slid his lips over my head, I was there with my dick in her mouth, Val, while Louise looked, it was fantastic. Don Val took slowly, while Louise worked her hand around his cock and pussy Val. After fucking like this for 10 minutes or less, Don stopped, said he needed a girlsex bre
Quotes k, or they cum. Louise and I moved to a sofa, while Val and Don went to the bar for a cigarette. I was sitting on the couch with Louise knelt on the floor between my legs licking my penis and testicles for the benefit of anyone who would look, he returned after a short time, Val, and sat down beside the couch, Louise was sucking my cock for a minuteor two and then asked if he could join us, we had the pleasure of saying "yes. " Val began, once again exposing her beautiful breasts, I thought I just met one of my fantasies of all time, my dick sucked by two women at once, but, unfortunately, went straight Louise pussy, not complaining that Louise Val asked Louise are back on the pile of cushions on the floor in the center of the room, knelt beside Val and began to stroke, play with her ​​tits and then go to her pussy, Don came to this place again, to see his wife kneeling on his back with Louise 's pussy from his girlsex coma, he moved to his right and Val offered his cock licked, I saw in the queue for a while and then went to his other side and they offered me, who took in his right hand and took me in the mouth. Val was in sucking cock back and then my first Don, Don was rubbing Louise worked in the ass and then fingers iNo soaking pussy finally move into a position where they could eat. I knelt at the head of Val and plays with her breasts as she alternately between the lines. We stayed in this position for some time, I loved my wife's side buried his head between her legs Val. Finally, Louise said needed cock, made me lie on my back and straddled girlsex it and forced me down on my cock hard, Don called to the side, while she was standing on started to play with the tail. I sat back and was stroking his penis and testicles, girlsex then place small kisses on her before finally licking over his balls, then its long axis, thick, and finally took him in the mouth, Val seemed hypnotized . I sat back and watched her orgasm Louise 's work, she loves cock, (since then has taken a liking to two or three guys at once, but that's another story). A blush began to spread from his chest, her breasts and neck all the timeShe was sucking cock and riding on mine Don increasingly step, I saw Don almost cum, out of his mouth and pulled his cock for a short time to gain control upon completion Louise him back in his mouth. That finally came in great shuddering orgasm. While Louise took me sucking cock and Val Don knelt on one side plays with her tits, I had my finger in my pussy, at least in part, fisting her while flicking her clit with my thumb. Val Louise after he had kissed her face and tits and plays with her nipples and Don Hahn to come, I moved to Val and asked me to sit on my face, got in and started getting my tongue into her vagina while Louise and caressed and played with Don Hahn. We played for a while on the ground, which describes the variations in the positions, I remember around and saw that the club had emptied, it was 2 in the morning! We decided it's best for the night, Loui Finishitself was sitting on a couch and knelt between her legs again Val plays with her pussy. Louise I knelt and began to masturbate on her while I licked his cock and balls, Don Val fucked hard from behind and came quite quickly deep into her pussy as I watched him cum, pulled out his penis and shot the last of his VAL saw the load on the ass, I grabbed one of her breasts and began to girlsex masturbate Val lasts me in the face of Louise, Val was, I was near, and stood out more, so you get a better grip on her tit . I came in a beautiful dazzling orgasm, cum in the air, Luisa 's head, and behind the curtains and went in the next two or three pulses in the face and tits, my orgasm seemed endless. I've finally looked relaxed, smiling and Louise, Val put her head on Louise 's girlsex tits and licked a little of my cum off of them. Then hit the ground and someone asked him shit, but unfortunately we also knackered, told a nymphomaniac, dressed andwent to the bar.


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My wife and I have sometimes soft swingers for about two and a half years, this is the story of one of our best experiences. We are Terry and Louise, we are in our forties and were interested in swinging for a long time, had the first experience swinging ( a threesome with a friend of mine ( MMF) for about twenty years, despite waited for the next 18 years ! We had to Casablanca, compared to a club in Bromsgrove now demolished, and compared Xtasia once the clubs we visited, was very quiet, but it is much closer to home was decided that we had to try again. We arrived at 21:00 and was still very quiet, but I noticed almost immediately an attractive blonde and her partner, who wore a skirt and a tight white top with no bra, you might see clearly, there were two big breasts pierced nipples their means, but firm, his partner dressed tall, slim and stylish. We were too shy to go and talk to them, for one thing they appeared about 10 years younger than us! So we sat and drank a little nervous, our biggest problem is always the ice breaks. a common activity in girlsex the clubs, which have girlsex darkened dance floor "group grope", where girlsex the dance floor, curtains and the lights turn low or even complete closure, so that couples can play together. We come to dance, and gradually exposing me to the other dancers Louise. Usually start became one of the other, I let my hands move on her, maybe making a brief nipple sucking, or lift her beautiful dress show below, has a beautiful ass when I say I do . You could then turn around and show her tits, kneading, flapping her nipples with my thumbs. He pierced her left nipple and usually wears a simple bar, but on this special night, carrying a small shield nipple. While doing this, it is often my penis and testicles, which I keep SHAved straw gently and slowly again I bowed his head to suck my dick in your mouth. were like dancing, if the couple had seen before, the type of curtain separated the dance floor and begin a slow dance in their own way of any notice of us, I girlsex watched a while, I remember a girlsex where she had leaned against the wall with her breasts exposed, her hands playing with them, while her companion knelt before her, her head buried in his lap to lick her pussy, she looked good. We watched for a while girlsex and then girlsex went next to them, I was Louise breasts from the top of her dress, she always has "easy access" dress when going to a club, and then bent down and began to suck I pulled the dress over her ass, which was right next to the couple, I could see at him, looked at me stroking my finger slides slowly along the crease of the buttocks Louise last year and the soft, damp beautifulshaved pussy was also, though not completely. We did this for a few minutes, but she made ​​no move to take the obvious touch Louise offer vague. Then copied our movement accurately Louise took the head of my cock and slowly danced toward each other, we looked at each other to confirm and then each took a hand gently on my ass blonde, a slight tremor ran and she lifted her ass to give us greater access easier, while Louise went on to play with her ass I pulled my hand next to the girl and put one of her breasts, I felt very, soft skin and nice pierced nipples are proud weight and glory and strength. He raised his head from the tail of her husband, a large and beautiful instrument was, and stood in front of Louise, began exploring the girls then the body, which is one of my favorite position on the dance floor, are the girls facing each other, caressing, while boys are on both sides. I slid girlsex my hand windowNo woman 's body so that I slipped on each bum girl, I with my fingers between her legs to see her two kittens were completely wet, it was not long before I was connected with the fingers of the other. danced, and he sat for some time and then the blonde in front of Louise and started licking her pussy for the first time, had a woman go to her, which was, what